Soap-Opera Coverage of G-20 Summit Mutes Police Repression of 100k+ Peoples’ Protest

How long was the first handshake between Trump and Putin?

What did they talk about in their secret meeting?

The media coverage of the G-20 summit is embarrassing. While a protest of over 100,000 people is undermining the legitimacy of the very foundation of capitalism which the G-20 is based on, the major news outlets would rather play “will they or won’t they” on Putin and Trump’s on-again-off-again relationship. These are people who really think they are doing their job as the “free press bold enough to speak truth to power.”

In Hamburg this week, Srecko Horvat and other organizers on the left are making moves to bring the populist indignation of the neo-liberal status-quo within the folds of revolutionary class consciousness. However, the two strong arms of the establishment working in tandem; the corporate media is directing coverage away from the mass movement and the police represses the masses themselves.

We are not surprised by the coverage of the protest through outlets like Bloomberg and New York Times which focuses primarily on petty property damage. Such blatant ignorance of critical analysis only re-asserts the fact that the property of the wealthy class is more important than the health of the labour and resources which is exploited through it.

Sure, most of the outlets mentioned the presence of the protesters (they could not get away with ignoring them entirely), but where are the interviews from the organizers and/or participants of the rally? Perhaps relevant interviews were not aired because the ideology infecting the personnel which runs the media establishment would prescribe that their audience tax their gray matter with critical analysis of the economic system they are embedded in.

This sends a clear message that the working masses must not be bothered or distracted from the media’s soap-opera version of global political affairs. Everybody still under the impression that the “free press” in America operates in the interests of the masses who passively consume the products advertised on the major outlets should be alarmed by this discovery.

The anarcho-socialist protest of this year’s G-20 summit is part of a rich history of resistance to global capitalism emanating from the city of Hamburg, Germany where the gathering of world leaders has been taking place these last few days. The habour city was the launching site of the attempted European socialist revolution following the Bolshevik take-over of the post-tsarist provisional government in 1917. One-hundred years later, it has been the location of a counter-G-20 summit led by labour leaders and intellectuals who are building toward a radical international workers’ movement to challenge the hegemony of the ruling class.

Now, whether or not you agree with the anarcho-socialists and their questioning of all of the assumptions underlying the capitalist system which has been unjustifiably conflated with a perverse version of corporate democracy shaping world affairs today, it is important to know about the activity of the leftist masses which coalesced at Hamburg this week. If you work for a living, know that there are people risking their lives to organize society in a way that works for you, your family and the international class of people who are currently being exploited by today’s system.

We will be staying in touch to talk more about the proceedings of the counter-G20 labour summit.