Birth enjoins us on the perpetual quest for truth and understanding. Along the way our eyes are attracted like magnets to those of our fellow humans while our indispensable social compasses are calibrated in our brains. Passively scanning the changing scenery , we collect information from bodies, bone structures, clothing and gazes which move about in mysterious ways through the parks and the streets. Slowly each of us becomes imbued with a unique understanding of ‘humanity’ which colors and shades the interactions of our daily lives. Collectively, our understanding creates a prism through which the essence of ‘humanity’ scatters into a brilliant spectrum of friendships, coalitions, culture and civilizations. Depending on our viewpoint within this spectrum we are in awe of, confused, depressed or inspired by the display of life as we search for meaning and purpose.

We are all anthropologists.

We believe that the process of understanding involves critical analysis of issues that matter to us; health and well-being, wealth and poverty, violence and aggression, the “peace process” etc. We invite every day as a challenge to clear a little more of the fog which clouds our perception and limits our understanding. In contributing to this blog we hope to learn from each other and from our readers. We use this space as a practice in dialectical discourse as well as a way to share our thoughts on critical issues. Let us know what you think, what we get right, what we get wrong, and hopefully we will all be more culturally sensitive world citizens by the end of each day.

Thanks for reading,